Data Room for Investors

An investor data room is a physical or digital space containing company information that is relevant in the due diligence process of a startup.

The Main Advantages of Using Data Room for Investors

Data room for investors is a good opportunity for a startup not only to “pump” its business model and sales under the guidance of experienced mentors for several months but also to acquire useful contacts among investors. After the completion of the program, many accelerators hold demo days for their projects, to which business angels and investment funds are invited.

Using the best data room for investors, you will be able to take advantage of:

  • an individual examination of security flaws, which will determine the level of compliance of your system with the PCI standard at the moment;
  • comprehensive assessment of used information security software in accordance with PCI specifications for networks, servers, and databases that transfer, store and process credit card data;
  • strategic and tactical guidance to maintain compliance with PCI regulations and industry guidelines;
  • a quarterly vulnerability scan to help you maintain your security compliance;
  • assessment of the compliance of payment applications with accepted standards, which is carried out by qualified specialists in the security of payment applications.

When buying shares of a private person, first of all, make sure that he is a shareholder of the company and that the correct data room for investors is used. For this, a person wishing to sell his shares must provide an extract from the register of holders of registered securities (or an extract from the custody account, if the shares are kept in a depository). If the shares are kept in the register (if the shareholder wishes to assign them and has already found a buyer), then, firstly, it is necessary to find out whether this buyer has a personal account in the register. If yes (this usually happens if the buyer already has shares in this joint-stock company), the procedure for transferring rights to shares is very simple: you need to submit to the registrar a transfer order to transfer the shares to the buyer’s personal account.

Data Rooms as the Best Solution for Investors

The common question of investors, to buy shares or open a deposit in a bank: which is more profitable? This question worries everyone who is going to invest their own funds so that they work as efficiently as possible. If, as a rule, there are no questions about opening a deposit, then the purchase of securities is often frightening with uncertainty and imaginary complexity. For the sake of fairness, it must be said that placing funds on deposits is much safer than investing in stocks. However, securities can bring much more income than the interest on the deposit.

The best data rooms for investors not only offers a solution to the “Dropbox problem” but also adds value to the business by helping IT departments:

  • Support BYOD, CYOD, and COPE programs, simplifying access and secure data exchange from any device regardless of the owner;
  • Implement enterprise mobility initiatives by enabling full enterprise data mobility and providing an EFSS solution as part of a comprehensive, integrated mobile application, data and device management solution;
  • Improve data exchange to leverage corporate data for greater business value;
  • Increase the efficiency of interaction by simplifying the process of creating information and exchanging data with colleagues, partners, and clients;
  • Increase productivity by giving employees the ability to perform more work in more scenarios with convenient access to all the files they need to work.