Goodsync Review

GoodSync is an easy to use program which provides you with peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and that you will always have a backup available.

What is GoodSync Service?

GoodSync is a secure, enterprise-grade file syncing and sharing service GoodSync – Enterprise Edition is a secure and reliable file syncing and sharing service that solves the “Dropbox problem”. Unlike consumer services, GoodSync is designed for business and delivers robust features that support a modern workstyle, security and control for IT departments, rich integration and customization options to meet the unique requirements of each organization. GoodSync solutions provide direct and secure connections to data where it actually resides, adding value to the service and other enterprise data stores.

GoodSync is a Secure by Design solution that meets the needs of enterprises for the secure storage of corporate data. IT departments can define policies to set the appropriate level of access for each user for each scenario, backed up with strong authentication and authorization capabilities. Users can be given limited (download only) or full (with the ability to download / edit / delete files) access rights depending on their location, position, device and other criteria. Encryption keeps data safe both in storage and in transit, and mobile security features such as passcode lock, tamper detection, remote deletion, and age limitation help protect data on mobile devices. Reporting and audit controls support confidentiality and regulatory compliance standards.

Large file size support and integration with tools such as Outlook speeds up workflow and helps employees complete common tasks faster and easier, such as adding an attachment to a meeting invitation or converting an attachment to a link to avoid email size restrictions without leaving. from applications. In addition, GoodSync review allows you to create and edit Microsoft Office documents, as well as leave comments, approve and add signatures to PDF documents. Controlling the file in and out reduces version control issues. With Presenter’s Mode, a beloved feature with support for external displays, transitions and custom animations, users can launch a presentation even on their mobile device.

The Main Disadvantages of GoodSync

GoodSync suffers from many of Dropbox’s weaknesses, including limited security options, lack of freedom to choose storage options, and built-in internal integration and customized deployment, as well as:

  • GoodSync does not offer consumer storage solutions, so all data must be migrated to the cloud.
  • Users must pay extra to use GoodSync ECM Cloud Connector, which uploads data from an enterprise content management system to online storage. Even then, the content can only be accessed through the Box web interface, not from mobile devices.
  • Content from ECM systems such as SharePoint needs to be duplicated and synchronized with GoodSync.
  • GoodSync lacks the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure and access from mobile devices to network resources within the organization or SharePoint.
  • GoodSync is not intended for mobile users, as it does not provide a built-in editor for mobile applications, nor the ability to comment on PDF documents and edit Office documents.
  • Although GoodSync has a global content delivery network, data is only stored in the United States, which can pose a challenge for European companies that need to comply with data independence standards and requirements.
  • As a point-to-point solution, GoodSync must rely on third parties for enterprise mobility management to provide users with core functionality such as mobile device management and mobile application management. GoodSync does not have integrated enterprise-grade security capabilities such as built-in poison pills, passcode lock, remote deletion and restriction of modified (compromised) devices.